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The Advantages of Using PHP for Creating a Website

In today’s competitive era every businessperson wishes to have a website with user-friendly interface. A great website will not just attract more visitors to your site but also retain them for a longer period. These day’s professional web developers make use of technologies and application frameworks like PHP.

PHP is an open source language and very popular when it comes to web designing. It is a server-side programming language used to create web pages that are more interactive than their HTML counterparts. PHP owes it popularity to C++ syntax programming since most of the programmers use it and are familiar with it. Few advantages of Using PHP for creating a website are mentioned below:

• No license fee is required and you can down load it free of cost.
• PHP is an extremely compatible language and is therefore used by developers to host different types of websites.
• This language is easy to understand and can effortlessly handle many complex web applications.
• Since processing occurs on the server, PHP optimizes the speed of web pages.
• It offers all sorts of security functions in order to protect your site from virus or spyware attack.
• Since many companies use Linux as operating systems, it not just works easily with Linux but is also very cheap.
• Besides being user-friendly it is highly flexible as well as scalable.
• It provides communication between website owner and visitors since at has the ability to process form data.

However, the user-friendliness of your site could be measured by number of parameters like navigation among different pages of your site, theme of your site, etc. Though building a user-friendly site is not easy, yet developers by making use of PHP has been made it easy.



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