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Add-On Hosting

If you have an existing Gold or Platinum Web hosting account with us, you can add more domain names at a great low price with our Add-On Hosting plan.

The extra domain names will use the “leftover” Gold or Platinum hosting disk space and other resources for billing purposes, but unlike a domain name alias, they have independent Web hosting and e-mail service, so you don’t need to mix the two domain names on a technical level.

The annual fee for the extra hosting domain name, including the domain name registration and renewal, is the same as our one-year “domain name only” registration. You get an extra domain name and Web hosting service for the price of the domain name alone.

Here are the details of the Add-On Hosting plan:

  • Each Add-On Hosting domain name is $16.92 per year. This fee includes the domain name registration and renewal, as well as the Web hosting and e-mail service.
  • You must have an existing account with a Gold or Platinum Web hosting plan shown on our plans page.
  • Add-On Hosting domain names share the main account’s password, administrative and billing contacts, and payment information (including credit card number, if any). The domain names must be grouped in our records.
  • The disk space, mailboxes, databases, CPU usage, and other resource limits of the extra domain names are billed against the unused resources of the your full-priced account(s). For example, if your main account allows 20 GB of disk space, and you’re already using 7 GB, the extra domain names can’t use more than 13 GB of disk space. Additional usage would require you to either upgrade the full priced account to a larger plan, or to upgrade the extra domain name to a full priced hosting account.
  • Other than that, the Add-On Hosting domain names are completely independent. They have separate Web site content, e-mail addresses, mailing lists, MySQL databases, and so forth. The connection between them is only for administrative and billing purposes. You should not rely on any technical connection between the two (for example, do not expect that one domain name will be able to access databases owned by the other).
  • The $16.92 fee can usually be billed as an extra $1.41 per month on your hosting account, if you’re paying monthly to begin with. However, if you sign up for more than five Add-On Hosting domain names, we may require that it be billed as a nonrefundable annual advance payment to cover the domain name registration fee, just like our standalonedomain name only accounts. We reserve the right to require annual advance payment for all Add-On Hosting domain names in the future.
  • There’s a limit of 100 Add-On Hosting domain names per full-price hosting account.
  • This plan is intended for multiple domain names owned by a single person or organization, and isn’t intended to be used as a mass “reseller account” (which we don’t offer) for unrelated domain names.
  • We can only provide technical support to a single contact person. In other words, you can’t create Add-On Hosting domain names for other people who then contact us directly and independently for support questions; you need to be responsible for managing all of the domain names.
  • Add-On Hosting domain names aren’t eligible for further discounts, credits or promotions, such as the annual prepayment discount we offer for full priced hosting accounts or our Referral Rewards program.

Adding an Add-On Hosting domain name to your hosting plan is easy:

  1. Login to the “My Account” control panel (having trouble?)
  2. Click Add Domain Names and follow the instructions.

Can I do this without even paying the domain name fee?

People occasionally ask if they can leave the domain name itself with a different registration company, avoiding the annual $16.92 domain name renewal fee, too (although of course you’d still need to pay the other company the renewal fee).

We do allow it (it’s an option on the screen mentioned above), but we don’t recommend it. We can’t provide any technical support related to domain names set up that way, unless there’s an actual problem at our end.

Perhaps a good way to describe it is that we never want to tell customers “this is a problem on your end, not ours, and we can’t help for free”. This obviously applies to anything involving the domain name itself, but it’s more than that. For example, if you install a WordPress plugin and it causes content-related display problems, that’s something most hosting companies wouldn’t assist with, but we’d normally try to go “above and beyond” to help a customer figure out what’s happening and get it resolved. But if you have many domain names generating separate questions like this and you aren’t paying us anything extra for them, that’s different. More separate domain names almost certainly means you’ll have more questions… but we can’t answer more questions than usual without charging at least a small amount for that.

So if you do this and you then ask us for help with something that isn’t an actual problem on our end, we’ll have to tell you that we can’t provide support for an Add-On Hosting domain name that isn’t registered with us, even if other pages on our site indicate that we’d normally help. You’ll probably be unhappy with that, and we don’t like selling services you won’t be happy with.

In short: Yes, you can do this — but no, you shouldn’t if you care about getting support for your domain name. We have great prices on domain names for the level of support we offer, and any cheaper price you find elsewhere comes at the expense of decent support.



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