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The hiring process of Webster Company

The document describes the ten phases in the hiring process of employees for Webster Company. During the process, there are three stages where the applicant may be refused.

As first step, the job applicant hand in their CV to the company. Next, the applicant’s CV is reviewed by the HR Manager’s assistant. If the assistant approves the CV, it is passed on to the HR Manager for evaluation. If the assistant does not approve the application, the CV is rejected. Once the HR Manager has read the CV, he or she may reject it if it does not meet the qualifications or it may be accepted. After the CV is approved, the employer will call the applicant for an interview. It the interview is unsuccessful, the job applicant can be refused.

However, approved that the interview goes well, the applicant will likely be hired for the position. Clearly Webster Company has set up this ten step hiring process to ensure that the best candidates are hired for the job positions. During the evaluation process, each applicant must be approved by both the assistant and the HR Manager before gaining the employment position.


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