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Assessing your company’s online potential

1. What do you expect a Web site to do for your company?

2. How much can you afford to invest in an e-commerce effort?

3. What rate of return do you expect on that investment?

4. How long can you wait for that return?

5. How well suited are your products and services for selling on the web?

6. How will the “back office” of your Web site work?

7. How will you handle order fulfillment?

8. What impact will your website have on your traditional distribution channels?

9. How will you ensure customer security?

10. How will you handle customer service for the site?

11. How will you promote the site?

12. What information will you collect from visitors to the site?

13. Have you developed a privacy policy?

14. Have you tested your site with live customers?

15. How will you measure success?


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