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Designing A Killer Website

How to design a good website

  • Understand your target customer
  • Give customers what they want
  • Select an intuitive domain name that is consistent with the image you want to create for your company and register it
    • Short
    • Memorable
    • Indicative of a company’s business
    • Easy to spell
  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • Add wish list capability
  • Use online videos
  • Build loyalty by giving online customers a reason to return to your website
  • Establish hyperlinks with other businesses, preferably those selling complementary products
  • Include an e-mail option and a telephone number on your site
  • Give shoppers the ability to track their orders online
  • Follow a simple design
  • Create a fast, simple checkout process
  • Offer suggestions for related products
  • Provide customer ratings and reviews
  • Establish the appropriate call to action on each page
  • Provide customers with multiple payment options
  • Rely on analytics to improve your site
  • Assure customers that online transactions are secure
  • Establish reasonable shipping and handling charges and post them up front
  • Confirm transactions
  • Keep your site updated
  • Test your site often
  • Consider hiring a professional to design your site

Tracking web results

  • Web analytics – tools that measure a website’s ability to attract customers, generate sales, and keep customers coming back.
  • Only about 21% of small businesses use Web analytics strategically to refashion their Web sites.
    • Commerce metrics
    • Visitor segmentation measurements
    • Content reports
    • Process measurements

Measuring online performance

  • Bounce Rate – The percentage of visitors to a site who view a single page and leave without viewing other pages.
  • Cart Abandonment Rate – The percentage of shoppers who place at least one item in a shopping cart but never complete the transaction.
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA) – The amount it costs to generate a purchase (or a customer registration)
  • Conversion (browse-to-buy) ratio – The proportion of visitors to a site who actually make a purchase

Ensuring web privacy

  • Take an inventory of the customer data collected
  • Develop a company privacy policy for the information you collect
  • Post your company’s privacy policy prominently on your website and follow it

Ensuring web security

  • Virus detection software
  • Intrusion detection software
  • Firewall
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology
  • Charge backs

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