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The most effective motivation theory for Professors at school

In Motivation Theory, we discovered eleven motivational theories that offer different perspectives. Among those theories, Theory Z and Adam’s Equality Theory are the two chosen theories that would be very effective for motivating professors at Schools. Theory X & Y and Reinforcement Theory would be the least effective for motivating our Professor at School.

Theory X and y were developed by McGregor. The theory X, the pessimistic view about employee, assumes workers to be irresponsible, resistant to change, lacking in ambition hating work, and preferring to be led rather than to lead.  It represents autocratic leadership and also emphases the role of financial incentive in motivation. This theory supports extrinsic reward for good performance. Thus, this theory would be less effective than the other theory for motivating professor in school. The theory Y, the optimistic view about employees, makes the positive assumption that workers are capable of accepting responsibility, self-direction and self-control and of being imaginative and creative. It represents democratic leadership and emphases the role of non-financial incentive in motivation. This theory is effective to motivate but professors need to commit to the school. The next less effective theory would be Reinforcement theory. This theory almost has no effects to motivate the professor at School because they are educator which you cannot reinforce by positive or negative.

Theory Z is the almost the same as theory Y. But, the organization or school needs to commit to the professors. This theory emphases professors’ long term job security, allowing collective decision making, slow evaluation and promotion procedures and treating them as family. This theory assumes that professors value a teaching environment supporting family, culture, and traditions and that they have a desire to work hard, want to have cooperative relationships and knowledgeable about various issues in the school. This theory is the most effective theory to motivate professor who teaches and create space for the future leaders. Moreover, Adam’s Equality Theory, treating professors fairly, is also one of the most effective theory to motive professors that related to Theory Z. The key elements in equality theory are contributions (also called input), returns (also called outputs), and comparisons.


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