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WordPress Freelancers: How to Run a Freelance Business Entirely from WordPress

For freelancers around the world, the equation is simple: the more hours you bill, the more you earn. The problem? Not all of a freelancer’s hours are ‘billable.’ Organizing your workload, communicating with clients, and collecting payments are all integral parts of a successful freelancing business. For most freelancers, however, these tasks fall outside the realms of billable hours. Unfortunately, these tasks are surprisingly time-consuming, too. But what if you could cut back on the amount of time these administrative tasks take? That would increase your earning potential substantially, wouldn’t it? Well, WordPress users are in luck! Today I’m going to show you how to manage a freelancing business entirely from the WordPress dashboard. If you’re fed up with jumping between emails, Trello, and PayPal, this is just what you need. If you want to manage your freelance business in WordPress, I recommend the WP Project Manager plugin. The plugin can help with the majority of behind-the-scenes tasks a freelancer faces, including project management, communication, and invoicing. To show you just what the plugin is capable of, allow me to walk you through its many features.

Getting Started with WP Project Manager

Although a free version of WP Project Manager is available, the functionality is too limited to run your entire business. Instead, you’ll need the more advanced, premium version: WP Project Manager Pro. A single site license of WP Project Manager Pro is available for just $59. Even the Pro version doesn’t have the functionality to power an entire freelancing business by itself, though. If you want an all-in-one freelancing solution, you’ll need to extend the core plugin. WP Project Manager PRO currently supports nine premium add-ons – not all of them are relevant to freelancers, though. If you’re serious about your freelancing business and want to kit your website out with all the functionality it could possibly need, I recommend these six add-ons:

  • Invoice ($39) – submit PDF invoices or collect payments through PayPal by adding invoicing functionality.
  • Invoice Stripe Gateway ($29) – accept card payments for your invoices using the Stripe payment gateway.
  • Sub Task ($19) – break projects down into smaller sub tasks.
  • Kanban Board ($29) – visualize and organize your projects with drag-and-drop,Trello-like boards.
  • Time Tracker ($29) – bill per hour and improve budgeting by tracking how much time is spent on each task.
  • Gantt Chart ($29) – visualize your project schedule in Gantt chart form.

Not all of these add-ons will be relevant to every user, so consider what functionality your website really needs – if you’re on a budget, the only one you really, really need is the Invoice add-on. The Pro version of the plugin and the nine add-ons are all available from WP Project Manager website. Read Full article at:


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