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This paper presents a mobile application usability conceptualization and survey instrument following the 10- step procedure recommended by MacKenzie et al. (2011). Specifically, we adapted Apple’s user experience guidelines to develop our conceptualization of mobile application usability that we then developed into 19 firstorder constructs that formed 6 second-order constructs. To achieve our objective, we … Continue reading

Strategies for “Going Global” – Global aspects of Entrepreneurship

Establish a presence on the Web Available 24 hours a day to anyone anywhere in the world 2.3 billion Web users worldwide 245 million in U.S. Nearly 2 billion in other countries 23% of global retail sales will take place online by 2015 62% of eBay transactions take place outside the U.S. More than 80% … Continue reading

Equity Capital Vs Debt Capital

Equity Capital  Represents the personal investment of the owner(s) in the business Is called risk capital because investors assume the risk of losing their money if the business fails Does not have to be repaid with interest like a loan does Means that an entrepreneur must give up some ownership in the company to outside … Continue reading

Designing A Killer Website

How to design a good website Understand your target customer Give customers what they want Select an intuitive domain name that is consistent with the image you want to create for your company and register it Short Memorable Indicative of a company’s business Easy to spell Make your website easy to navigate Add wish list … Continue reading

Photographer’s Dictionary

*Aperture: The opening in a lens that allows more, or less light onto the sensor. Aperture Priority: The user decides on the aperture settings, and the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed. Automatic Mode: The camera automatically sets the shutter speed and the aperture based on the surrounding light conditions. *AF – Auto Focus: A feature on many DSLR … Continue reading

Nikon D3200 In-depth Tutorial

Did you just pick up your very own Nikon D3200? Check out this 22 minutes video to learn all about the ins-and-outs of you camera.