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Barriers to International Trade

Domestic barriers Attitude: “My company is too small to export.” Lack of information about how to get started Inability to obtain adequate financing International Barriers Tariff – A tax a government imposes on goods and services imported into that country Nontariff barriers – Governments that protect domestic industries Quotas – Limits on the amount of … Continue reading

ASEAN-Korea Centre

FACILITIES ASEAN HALL ASEAN Hall is an exhibition hall used for exhibitions, as well as, for lectures, seminars, and other various events promoting inter-cultural understanding between ASEAN and Korea. INFORMATION CORNER Information Corner is a resource centre which houses a collection of books and multimedia materials on ASEAN. Opening Hours: 10am – 5:30pm (closed on … Continue reading


ASEAN AND KOREA, ‘A PARTNERSHIP OF TRUST AND HAPPINESS’ ASEAN-Korea relations have prospered and reached new heights during the last twenty five years, since the Sectoral Dialogue Partnership was established in 1989. This can be witnessed through a series of momentous events such as the institutionalization of the ASEAN-ROK Summit in 1997, the launch of … Continue reading