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WordPress Freelancers: How to Run a Freelance Business Entirely from WordPress

For freelancers around the world, the equation is simple: the more hours you bill, the more you earn. The problem? Not all of a freelancer’s hours are ‘billable.’ Organizing your workload, communicating with clients, and collecting payments are all integral parts of a successful freelancing business. For most freelancers, however, these tasks fall outside the … Continue reading

Assessing your company’s online potential

1. What do you expect a Web site to do for your company? 2. How much can you afford to invest in an e-commerce effort? 3. What rate of return do you expect on that investment? 4. How long can you wait for that return? 5. How well suited are your products and services for selling on the web? 6. How … Continue reading

Relationship Marketing or CRM

Relationship Marketing or Customer relationship management (CRM) Involves developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers so that they will keep coming back to make repeat purchases. “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” Edwards Deming Steps into CRM: Collect meaningful customer information and … Continue reading