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Strategies for “Going Global” – Global aspects of Entrepreneurship

Establish a presence on the Web Available 24 hours a day to anyone anywhere in the world 2.3 billion Web users worldwide 245 million in U.S. Nearly 2 billion in other countries 23% of global retail sales will take place online by 2015 62% of eBay transactions take place outside the U.S. More than 80% … Continue reading

Strategies for E-Success

Focus on a market niche Develop a community Attract visitors by giving away “freebies.” Make creative use of e-mail, but avoid becoming a “spammer.” Make sure your Web site says “credibility.” Make the most of the web’s global reach Use Enterprise 2.0 tools to attract and retain customers Promote your site online and offline Develop … Continue reading

10 myths of e-commerce

Myth 1:   If I launch a site, customers will flock to it. Include your URL on everything related to your business Use social media such as Facebook and You-Tube to drive traffic to your site Network – build relationships with other companies, customers, trade associations, online directories, and other Web sites to interact with … Continue reading

Assessing your company’s online potential

1. What do you expect a Web site to do for your company? 2. How much can you afford to invest in an e-commerce effort? 3. What rate of return do you expect on that investment? 4. How long can you wait for that return? 5. How well suited are your products and services for selling on the web? 6. How … Continue reading

Factors to consider before launching into e-commerce

Developing deep, lasting relationships with customers takes on even greater importance Creating a meaningful presence on the web requires an ongoing investment of resources – time, money, energy, and talent Measuring the success of a Web-based sales effort is essential to remaining relevant to customers whose tastes, needs, and preferences constantly change

What is e-commerce?

“…refers to the sale, purchase, or exchange of goods, services, or other information over the internet or other telecommunications networks.” (Albaum & Duerr, 2008, p. 31) Includes goods or services delivered offline -Example: shipping book via DHL Also includes goods and services delivered online -Example: e-books, downloaded computer software Internet economy – Growing faster than … Continue reading