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Strategies for E-Success

Focus on a market niche Develop a community Attract visitors by giving away “freebies.” Make creative use of e-mail, but avoid becoming a “spammer.” Make sure your Web site says “credibility.” Make the most of the web’s global reach Use Enterprise 2.0 tools to attract and retain customers Promote your site online and offline Develop … Continue reading

Assessing your company’s online potential

1. What do you expect a Web site to do for your company? 2. How much can you afford to invest in an e-commerce effort? 3. What rate of return do you expect on that investment? 4. How long can you wait for that return? 5. How well suited are your products and services for selling on the web? 6. How … Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing Principles

Find a niche and fill it Use the power of publicity Don’t just sell; entertain! “Entertailing” Strive to be unique Build a community with customers Connect with the customer on an emotional level Build trust Define a unique selling proposition (USP) A key customer benefit of a product or service that sets it apart from … Continue reading

What is Market Research?

1. Market research is the vehicle for gathering the information that serves as the foundation for the Marketing Plan Collect, analyse, and interpret data related to a company’s market, customers and competitors Determining customer needs Demographics 2.  Market research does not have to be time consuming, complex, or expensive to be useful Web-based market research … Continue reading

Relationship Marketing or CRM

Relationship Marketing or Customer relationship management (CRM) Involves developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers so that they will keep coming back to make repeat purchases. “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” Edwards Deming Steps into CRM: Collect meaningful customer information and … Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

► Are unconventional, low-cost, and creative marketing techniques that allow a small company to realize a greater return from its marketing investment than do larger rivals ► Do not require large amounts of money to be effective – just creativity An effective guerrilla marketing campaign does not require an entrepreneur to spend large amounts of … Continue reading